Whether you are a seeking a portrait for a special occasion or wanting to have a beautiful sunrise background for your brand, we can help you capture a magical Bondi moment.

When you fall in love with Bondi the affair will last forever. While you holiday in or visit Bondi why not capture your love for this iconic Australian beach in a magical moment where time will stand still in testament of your journey here. There is no greater backdrop than the Bondi Sunrise as the backdrop to your portrait, in a stunning image that can hang in your home or office to keep those memories of your fantastic adventure alive forever, or at least until next time.

When the beach is the landscape to your lifestyle why not capture that moment where you head into the waves, swim laps at Icebergs, jog along the sand, pay homage to the rising sun as you stretch into a mountain pose or meditate on the optimistic dawn of the new day. Take your lifestyle from the beach to your home or your social community when you create a portrait of your lifestyle passions against the warm colours of a Bondi sunrise.  A stunning artwork on your wall will keep you motivated to get out there and remind you that you are living your best life.


Bask in the golden rays of the magic hour, captured in a collection of enduring photos to celebrate your commitment to each other, with the simmering light of the Bondi sunrise as your backdrop. The sky at this time of day is layered with burnished orange and blue hues, giving a stunning natural backdrop to your portrait. Your images and experience of the morning will be just as memorable as the commitment you are celebrating. Enjoy the romance of the moment and this special time in your life over and over with a permanent artwork for your home.

Put a unique lens on your personal or small business brand and products. Breath life into your marketing with the magical light and golden hues of a Bondi Sunrise as your colour palate. With the ocean as your backdrop, you can create the vision for your brand and products with professional images that can be applied to your website, social media and marketing assets. A sunrise shoots offers the perfect setting because the lights is as its best and the uncrowded sand and ocean swells are natural heroes to convey your brand values and personality.