Framing Your Bondi Sunrise Image

It’s important to get the final finish for your Bondi Sunrise photograph just how you want it, so you end up with an eye-grabbing artwork you can showcase in your home or office. To help you achieve that our framing and acrylic mountings deliver a high quality finish for your photographs.

There is something for all budgets, from a sophisticated acrylic facemount, a shadow box with gallery glass or a regular framed print. Which ever you choose you will receive a beautiful, one of a kind artwork for your home. All prints are signed by the photographer, David Wesson.  

If you are seeking guidance on how to add an artwork to your home and the interior design options you might want to factor in read our article that has helpful tips from two of Bondi’s SeaLuving interior designers.

Read more about the features of our print and framing options below to help you define exactly what you want and make the right decision.

Don’t forget, 10% of all framing costs are donated to marine conservation.

Unframed Prints

All the images on our website can be purchased as a print.

If you live overseas and interstate an unframed print is the perfect choice. Our prints are lightweight and standard sizes, making postage affordable. We don’t frame prints for overseas customers to alleviate your costs and the risk of damage. Once delivered you can arrange to have them framed closer to home.

All prints are signed by the photographer, David Wesson, and are delivered rolled in a sturdy cardboard tube.

Delivery time is generally 5 to 12 days.

Regular Framed Print

Because each print is custom framed by hand, your artwork is unique, only you own it. We use industry leading framers who give our images a professional finish, ready-to-hang as soon as it arrives at your home or office.

Each artwork has a white border around the print. Border sizes will vary depending on size of the frame purchased.

Estimated delivery time, 8 – 14 business days.

White Custom Mould Frame

This exclusive custom white mould frame with a 1” matboard is made from sustainable wood from Malaysia and coated in a white contract matt.

This stylish framing finish will make your sunrise photograph a stylish and unique artwork for your home or office.

Gallery Quality Framed Prints

Shadow Boxing with Art Glass

Combined together, a mounted and boxed frame with high quality art glass creates a superb artwork where the colours and textures of the photograph stand out.

Your print is set back into the frame leaving up to 5 cm between the glass and the image.

We use Superior Quality AR70 Art glass which minimises reflection and gives the impression that there is no glass in the frame. Your print will be custom framed by hand, professionally finished and ready to hang. The finished artwork is worthy of its place in a gallery.

Available in White, Victoria Ash or Black box frame.

Each artwork has a border around the print; which may vary depending on size of the frame purchased.

Estimated delivery time 8 – 14 business days.

Acrylic Bedside Block Mount

Perfect for your bedside table your desk or any shelf or table in your home, choose an acrylic block mount to give your image a sophisticated frameless effect while also protecting the image from UV rays. This free standing frameless solution gives a quality 6mm finish for your photograph, Perfect for your home or for corporate gifts.

Acrylic Facemounting

Create an attention grabbing, impressive artwork when you choose to display your photograph using acrylic facemounting on gallery-quality 6mm acrylic.

The hidden, sturdy aluminium hanging system makes it easy to hang and creates a stunning floating effect on your wall. Custom made and professionally finished; each acrylic is UV protected giving you confidence your image wont fade.  The ideal way to create a life long masterpiece for your home or office.

Estimated delivery time, 10 – 18 business days.


Local Postage for Prints and Framed Photographs

Postal delivery costs for all orders within Australia are based on the weight as follows:

Shipping internationally

Due to shipping complexities, we can only ship un-framed prints internationally. Un-framed print shipping outside of Australia will cost you $20


Deliveries to the Rest of World will be sent by a standard, tracked service within 2 business days of your order. Shipping time will be dependent on your country and region.

Returns policy

We want to ensure you are happy with your SeaLuv Bondi artwork. Due to the fact that we print to order, we do not offer returns or refunds once your payment is processed and you artwork is delivered.

If you are unhappy with the item you chose, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll do our very best to assist.