Sharing Bondi’s Magic Sunrise Moments With the World!

Whilst most of us are asleep photographer David Wesson is in his element capturing Bondi magic moments from first light until the sun pop’s its head over the horizon.
His sunrise photography showcases Australia’s most iconic beach at its finest – with a splash of colour and vibrancy as mother nature intended. Affectionately known to a few close mates as the sunrise guru, at the heart of David’s photography is a communion with nature and his love for the marine environment.

Sunrise is a special moment of the day that everyone should witness in Bondi and there is nothing quite like watching the sun come over the horizon as a new day dawns and then taking a dip in the ocean.

It is something David has been doing for the last 20 years in Bondi with a fair amount of notoriety along the way; grabbing media attention in 2017 as one of the two ocean swimmers featured on the Wentworth Courier’s Click Bait; We’ve got our Beach Back; Tourism Australia’ front page swimming amongst a huge bait ball on Bondi beach with twelve grey nurse sharks.

And most recently for emblazoning “We’ve got our beach back” across his back in zinc when Bondi Beach was reopened for surfers and swimmers after lockdown which garnered global media attention.

“I think I started to realise my photography was really starting to resonate with people when they started reaching out to me during COVID through local community Facebook group Bondi Loop and my own Instagram page to tell me my photos have helped them to cope during the isolation of lockdown.”
It’s the sense of community David’s photographs have created that have inspired him to create SeaLuv Bondi and a livestream via his Instagram page where people all around the world join him for sunrise every morning live from Bondi beach.

“I want to share my love of photography and passion for the ocean and with a community of Sea lovers the world over who share the same desire to protect the oceans and celebrate its beauty” and nowhere is this more evident in David’s stunning sunrise images of Bondi beach and swimmers, surfers and the iconic Bondi Icebergs.

His passion and creativity have not gone unnoticed by Tourism Australia who have featured his sunrise photos of Bondi Beach on their hugely popular social media pages as the embodiment of everything good about Australia.
After all, doesn’t everyone love a good sunrise?!