Collaborate With Us!

We are seeking to collaborate with likeminded organisations who work on projects and events that support our philosophy. That’s what we are striving for. To find build our community of Sea Luvers so we can join forces with organisations who support marine conservation and the ethos of living consciously by the sea.

SeaLuv Bondi offers an inspirational strategy and a platform for useful and engaging content such as the live stream David Wesson creates from the beach at sunrise daily where he introduces local heroes to his followers and talks about the issues that underpin the SeaLuv philosophy.

We want to be able to profile the work of those active organisations that work tirelessly for sustainability, to keep our marine life safe and to maintain our beaches as pristine environments that all species can enjoy and thrive on.

If your organisation reflects our philosophy we want to extend a hand of friendship, get to know you and find the shared pathways on which we can take a journey together; to build a community that works together to be responsible for our marine environment and the coastal lifestyle we aspire to.

Why would you work with David?

Here’s what others say about David and the evolution of Sea Luv Bondi that will spur you on to want to collaborate with him

Moshe Rosenzveig OAM (Founder & Director, Head on Photo Festival)

David has worked with Head On Photo Festival as a much-valued social media expert since 2014 and most recently as a panelist on one of our most popular panel discussions at this year’s online festival. His Bondi Sea Luv project is an exciting concept which will bring together a community of locals and sea lovers worldwide. At the core of this is David’s ability to tell a story by putting the human element front and centre in his acclaimed sunrise photography.

Lauren Bath: Digital Influencer & Photographer

David and I first collaborated when he started his social creative agency Evolve Social. With two stints at Sculptures by the Sea and a Travel and Tourism at Social Media Week Sydney panel behind us, I have taken great pleasure in watching David’s bug for Instagram grow. He has certainly carved out his niche taking photos of the Bondi Sunrise, a genre I also loved to shoot. Good luck with the new venture David, and never stop!

Charlotte Piho: Ocean Photographer & SUP champion

David’s is a local legend who’s stunning sunrise pictures not only capture my imagination but are filled with a beautiful morning positive energy that encapsulates everything good about Bondi. All the best with the website David love your work.

When it comes to media and storytelling David Wesson has both the expertise and reach to give your collaboration with Sea Luv Bondi the right amount of push.

A media strategist with his own social media agency; David has community influence, his finger on the pulse when it comes to Bondi’s coastal life and marine conservation. He knows how to market himself and manage media projects. David is a community commentator with some valuable media coverage behind him.

Take a look:

  • David’s hauntingly beautiful Covid-19 short film gained international media attention when Bondi Beach was closed during Australia’s lockdown. Licensed to the Guardian, the film has engaged more than half a million views around the world.
  • When Bondi Beach was re-opened on April 27 after lockdown, David captured international media attention again as the swimmer facing Bondi Beach with “we’ve got our beach back” written on his back
  • Surrounded by eight grey nurse sharks as they chased down a massive salmon bait ball off Bondi Beach in 2017, David was one of the two swimmers whose intrepid swim again gained local and international attention.