Book Your Bondi Couples and Engagement Shoot

Let acclaimed Bondi photographer David Wesson capture your love and commitment to each other in a portrait backed by the magical colours of the Bondi sunrise.


90 minutes



How It Happens

  • The shoot usually takes one hour to 90 minutes
  • We will work with you to make the arrangements including the timing, where the shoot will occur and where everyone can meet
  • We check the forecast conditions in the days leading up to the shoot.
  • If the conditions are unfavourable, we will be in contact with you to suggest a new date
  • Think about having a quiet and earlier night on the eve of the shoot, it’s an early start, you want to look your best!
  • After the shoot you will be sent a link to a google drive of the hi-res images to select 10 to 15 images
  • Your selected images will be processed to the size and resolution according to the brief
  • Final images will be uploaded to your personal folder in the google drive to download

What to Bring

  • Come dressed ready for the shoot
  • If you are bringing talent they also should come dressed, ready for the shoot
  • Your brand products and props as needed
  • Water bottle

Frame It!

If you are creating an artwork for your wall have a look at our framing and acrylic options and pricelist on our Collections page. We can create a stunning piece for your home whether it be to hang on your wall or in a bedside block.

Your Booking Information

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