About Sealuv

Our Philosophy

SEALUV has been born out of a deep connection to the sea and Bondi. We are blessed to live on the east coast of Australia and to be locals of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Our philosophy is driven from our passion and love for the sea, we swim in it, walk beside it, photograph it and it is central to our lifestyle and livelihood. We want to share that with you.

We are the people that embrace and love the bubble that is Bondi, we rarely leave in the summer, why would we?

There Are Four Pillars to the Sealuv Philosophy

  1. Living Consciously by the Sea

    Living in Australia’s largest city and in the iconic Bondi Beach comes with its responsibilities. Sydney’s hectic and hedonistic lifestyle can be at odds with the natural beauty this coastal environment offers. We live to ensure we embrace all that Bondi offers us, so we have a deep connection with the sea. As ocean swimmers, surfers and beachgoers we start each day on the beach, connecting with the ocean and capturing photographs of the sunrise before having with a swim in the ocean.

    We are part of Bondi’s local community of ocean swimmers, surfers, fitness fanatics and photographers and we want you join our community of sea lovers who also live consciously by the sea.

  2. Marine Conservation

    Protecting Bondi’s marine life is key to our existence and our community of sea lovers. We don’t want to see our sea life suffer from the ravages of coastal urbanisation, our consumer lifestyle and beach recreation. We want to play an active role in local conservation programs and seek to partner with organisations that focus on the protection of marine life. If you feel the same way about Marine Conservation then you will be amongst likeminded activists when you join our community, who aim to live in a conscious way that protects our marine environment.

    To that end, 10% of all photo sale profits will be donated to help protect Bondi’s precious marine environment.

  3. To Share the Stories That Define Us

    The content we choose to surround ourselves with and the stories we share defines who we are and our world view. Bondi sits on the traditional land of the Cadigal and Biddigal tribes. Rock carvings provide the early narratives of this coast.

    There are so many wonderful stories to tell about Bondi Beach, from unsung heroes and local characters to everyday people who embrace the life to be had here. We want to bring Bondi’s stories to life and share the human element that creates this eclectic, vibrant community with you; to create a place where you can celebrate the images and narratives of this iconic coastal suburb.

  4. Create Magic Moments for You to Take Home and Experience

    We want to help you create magic moments in Bondi. Moments that you can take home and experience forever. That might start with leading you to local spots on a photo tour, a personalised photo shoot or showing you the technical prowess to taking the perfect sunrise image. It ends with a beautiful artwork for your home or your office or a series of quality images that embody your lifestyle and aspirations that you can share with your friends or followers who also aim to live consciously and fully in a community of likeminded people.

“Magic moments to take home and experience’